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Okay, so, story time: I had tried writing this review a while ago, but, surprise, surprise, my computer quit on me before I had any time to react (and most of the review was done), and, poof! It was gone. So I got incredibly pissed off and didn't come back to re-write it, but I suppose now that most of the anger and general feelings of self-pity is over, I will try and make this review even better than the original here goes nothing.

First off, this book was just very.... strange. I read it and was left with a very deep sense of just emptiness and slight unsatisfaction, but I wasn't exactly mad for the most part but never along the way did I feel exactly....good about anything that was happening. And let me just say that my review scaling is kind of wonky; I do have an overall rule for rating books, but I tend to be a little more specific and grade along the book series once I'm four books into it like I am with Rapture, and, in comparison this book was better than the other three pieces of shit books that I read of this series, I rated it a three. But, what I'm trying to say, I suppose, is this disclaimer: I still did not really like the book and I would never recommend this series to anyone to go through three books of absolute donkey ass just to get to a book that will leave you going, "meh." even though I rated it what I did Just so we're clear here. Get away from this series and never look back.

True say, Doctors. True say.

This book was just damn confusing. Did I already say that? Well I don't even care because it was. Make no mistake, Luce is still as stupid is as stupid does, and even thinks herself an incredible weakling:

She reached the window and saw that the two angels were facing each other. Her hands gripped the windowsill. She felt a small swell of pride-which she would never confess-about making it back into the library without help. Probably none of the angels would even notice. She sighed and slid one leg inside.

Okay okay okay just hold up right there. You're proud of yourself for climbing up a window? And before anyone jumps up my ass and says, "wow you're judging her so quickly what's your problem that was in the beginning of the book!" Let me remind you of something. Luce has had three and a half fucking books to change and be a strong woman, and we still have this shit in the final book? Are you serious? Like do you seriously want a pat on the back, Luce, for climbing through a window and are disappointed when beings of immense power ignore the fact that you're doing something like that? You are an adult, Luce! Act like one! And this next part is the real kicker:

That was when the window began to shudder. The glass pane rattled, and the sill vibrated with such force that she was almost knocked off the ledge. She held on tighter, feeling vibrations inside her, as if her heart and soul were trembling, too.

"Earthquake," she whispered. Her foot skimmed on the back of the ledge just as her grip on the windowsill loosened.


Daniel rushed to the window. His hands found his way around hers. Cam was there, too, one hand on her upper back, another on the back of her head. The bookshelves rippled and the lights in the library flickered as the two angels pulled her through the rocking window...

First question: who the fuck whispers earthquake!?! I'm pretty sure you're either going to be screaming your ass off or you're too surprised to say anything at all besides duck and cover. And is anyone else cracking up just thinking about the stupidity of the whole angle that the three of them are in. Daniel is just holding her hands (like how is that going to help break her fall what are you doing) and Cam somehow is holding onto her waist and the back of her head, which is an incredibly awkward position and nearly impossible to do if she's falling forward face first and the only way that would work is if she was falling backwards, but that doesn't work either because then how is Daniel even holding onto her hands because they would be falling in front of her and even if they weren't then that means that each of them are straddling her on both sides and I just don't really know. I'm just scratching my head going...

And the whole buildup to the ending was just incredibly.....slow in typical Lauren Kate fashion. You could probably skip most of the first half the book, still know what was going on, and not really be confused about anything. I understand that sometimes a slow simmer is good, but this is not the time for such things. This is the last book of the series. You need to set up a bit more of a breakneck pace and really get me invested in what's happening! But was I? No. I won't even lie, I completely skimmed over parts and read through it just to get to some actual plot progression, because let me tell you something: if there was ever a zombie apocalypse, Luce and Daniel would so be getting eaten first, because they are as slow as fuck even at what is essentially the end of the world. Here's what I was thinking as this was going on:

Me: Okay, so do you guys have a plan
Luce: dur de dur
Daniel: Well, kind of. We know the general area of where they are, but not their exact location
Me: Well you'd best get started!
Daniel: Let's go then!
Luce: Ohhhhh parade!
Daniel: Oh you're so beautiful Luce let's make out I luvers you let's be together
Me: Guys....
Daniel: Lovelovelovelovelove
Luce: Omg Daniel u r so hawt
Me: Guys! World. Ending. Fate of all souls. On this planet. In your hands.
Daniel: Oh don't worry look we found the piece through the power of positive thinking (I'll talk about that later)! Now to meet them back at the location point! *flies there*
Luce: *slightly smart thought comes through* Daniel, shouldn't we really get going?
Me: YES!
Daniel: Nah. I luv u 5ever Luce. Let's have a picnic!
Luce: Oh look how pretty! Who even cares if the world's about to end and we essentially kill over 7 billiion people as long as I'm with you it's all okay!

Like stop it, Kate! I know that they love each other and their bond is everlasting and all that shit! I don't need all of this! You're ruining any suspense and need for urgency by having Luce admire how beautiful Daniel is all the time!

I'm just very upset by this.

And another problem I had when they were in Venice. There is a scene where they are trying to get this relic from in a submerged church and Luce and Daniel have a conversation earlier and it goes something along the lines of (I don't have the book on me right now so I can't remember the exact quote) "But what if something happens to me while I'm down there?" And Daniel basically says, "You can do anything as long as you believe. " And I waved it off, thinking, what the hell are you, Walt Disney? And my first warning was when Luce wasn't feeling well and Daniel drops another Walt Disney "if you believe" hint out of the fucking sky and all Luce does is think that she feels better and she does. Now, I understand that sometimes sickness is self-imposed and that you aren't actually not feeling well, and there is something to be said for the power of positive thinking, so I was fine, but wary. And then the stupid happened. So, Luce is underwater in the church swimming without any Scuba gear what the fuck you're swimming more then twenty feet underwater YOU TAKE FUCKING SCUBA GEAR and, of course, she ends up in a pickle and Daniel isn't responding to her telepathic SOS signals, so what does she do? She basically thinks I can breathe underwater and she does. She holds her breath for several minutes even though she was about to drown before and make it to the surface, and I'm just sitting here, reading this like:

What the fuck, Kate? That is not anatomically possible if you were just drowning earlier. Now, I understand why at the end of the book she was able to do that but that's the end of the book. This was near the very beginning. You can't just drop things like that and expect me to be completely okay and wait like some patient child until you feel like getting to it. If this was the first book? Maybe. But now? No.

But, one of the reasons why I rated this book higher was because of a new character added into this book was Dee. She was such a sweet, kind, spunky, sagacious, badass old lady and every word she said had me enjoying her and maybe it was also because she was because she was the only one to put Luce in her place. I loved the aspect of her living in a bubble of time and space outside of basically the universe. Maybe it's just the whovian in me that had recently watched "The Doctor's Wife" a bit before I read that part, but the whole ambiance of the home and Dee combined just made me like her. Just tell me, Kate, why do all of your decent characters have to have such minor roles (view spoiler)[ or die? For Luce of all people? (hide spoiler)] Why?! And, of course, Arriane and Cam were still their awesome selves, and, although I hated a lot of the build-up to the story there were still some good parts that I actually did enjoy, but those were few and far between. As usual.

And I still fucking hate Daniel's guts he can go die in a fucking bottomless pit with his sparkle-sparkle purple wings and never show up in my life again for as much as I care about him. He is just as much of a controlling asshole as ever, and I will never like him for all of the shit he's done in this series to basically everyone. He should have just fallen in love with a mirror and he would have been a much happier man and then Cam/Luce or just anyone with CAM could have had a relationship.

And was anyone else thinking that we were going to get more of Cam's backstory in this book? I sure as hell thought we would get something, but nope; still nothing. As goddman mother fucking usual


And, as I said above, the ending just didn't really leave me with anything but confusion. I didn't really mind the Lucifer angle that much or anything he did, but more the whole twist with Luce and then God herself. Yeah, that's right, I said herself. God is a she. Now, I understand that people do think that God could be female or the fact that God is just an all powerful deity and can probably appear in any form that he or she wants, but it just didn't really fit at all. I mean, why make God female in the first place? You haven't really been pushing the mold before this, Kate, and I just felt like it would have had a bit more...weight on the situation if God had been male. Now, I am not a sexist nor am against feminism and I like to think of myself as a bit of one and I am all for the girl power, but Kate really didn't do anything with her. She was female. Wow. Great. Whoop de do. Such a revolutionary idea. Now I was shocked, of course, when God first came out and I'm sure that's what Kate was going for, but after that cleared I was just left with an overall "meh" about the whole thing. I'm sure I'm more in the minority about this issue but that's how I felt; confused and slightly exasperated:

And yes I am that cute because I knew you all were wondering

And just the whole truth being revealed about Luce being an angel. And the whole flashback montage about it and her shacking up with Lucifer first. It just kind of left me feeling tricked by Kate in not a good way. At least introduce this vague idea somewhere through any of the other books and build it up a bit, which of course didn't happen. Again, she was going for the shock factor and it didn't really work for me. I actually would have liked it better if she had actually been someone Daniel had fallen in love with after he fell; one of the main reasons I was still kind of hoping for this book to be good was seeing the first time they had met on Earth maybe sometime right after he fell and Luce taking care of him or something and just getting more of their beginning backstory period. I couldn't care less about almost all of the stories in Passion that's the one I wanted the whole time. And I sure as hell got it, but not in the way I wanted at all. It all happened so fast and felt so superficial while God was away for those seven days and all that shit and it left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I just didn't like it and it didn't work for me. Now I didn't really mind the choice they made at the end and deciding to stay together; at least they weren't wishy-washy like that, but the rest of it I could have done without, to tell you the truth.

And now I'm finally done with this review, and I shall leave you a picture of a real angel:

Ugh just let me touch your buns and give you sweet, sweet, lovin'

Ahem. Enjoy the review.



I have a very strange sinking feeling that Kate's still not going to give us any answers whatsoever and is somehow going to avoid it. Even though it's the last book where the answers are supposed to freaking be. Here's how I think it's going to go:

Luce: So, Daniel, why did we ever fall in love in the first place? What ever happened with the first me and you? How'd we meet?

Daniel: Oh, you know, just...stuff. This thing happened; you know, the thing with me and you and all Then everyone was like, "aaahhh!" and I was like, "nooooo!" and God was like "hmmm" then you were all like "aaahhh! It burns! It burns!" and that's it!

Luce: Oh.

Daniel: Yeah, like always and forever and destiny and all that stuff.

Luce: *blinks* alright! You wanna let me touch your wings, lick your feet, and make out before we go fight Lucifer? And when I say fight, I mean I'll go do something idiotic and almost die which sends you into a sorrow-filled rage then you get all sparkle-sparkle shiny and pose dramatically while everyone else fights?

Daniel: Like chhhaaaeaaahhh! Let's do this shit!

I'll let the picture speak for itself. Enjoy, as God's own son does a facepalm.

Ohdearohdearohdearohdearohdearohdearohdear Rapture has a cover. Heaven help me not Daniel, though, I would die sooner from him trying to save me than reading this book.

Edit #2: Okay, so the final cover of Rapture is out and, I must say, that it's fucking gorgeous. If I wasn't going to buy it and review it already, I would have bought it just to have the beautiful dustcover. Props, Kate.

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Ebook Vykoupení read Online! Lauren Kate grew up in Dallas, went to school in Atlanta, and started writing in New York.
She is the author of the Fallen novels, the Teardrop novels, and The Betrayal of Natalie Hargrove. She lives in Laurel Canyon with her family.

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